Tuesday, April 30, 2013

May General Meeting at the Mission Library

Join us for our May General Meeting this Saturday, May 4th, 10:30-12noon.  Demo by Virginia Carruth! 

Back Road - Pastel

"I have always felt drawn to the beauty and serenity of nature and the landscape.  I especially enjoy painting landscapes now that so many are being lost to us through development and growth.  In my paintings, the trees, streams and hills are usually from a specific place but I hope that the viewers are able to feel that these are things from places that they have also visited.  I work from plein studies and reference photos, always rearranging compositions and exaggerating the colors if necessary.  I feel my painting is successful if the viewer can look through my eyes and respond to the beauty that I have seen."

See Virginia's beautiful works at www.virginiacarruth.com.

Meeting location:  Mission Library, 3134 Roosevelt Ave(old Mission Drive-In Theatre).  This is close to the San Jose Mission.

No meeting fee ( non-members-$3 suggested donation).   Invite all!

Prepare to be inspired!

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