Tuesday, April 30, 2013

May General Meeting at the Mission Library

Join us for our May General Meeting this Saturday, May 4th, 10:30-12noon.  Demo by Virginia Carruth! 

Back Road - Pastel

"I have always felt drawn to the beauty and serenity of nature and the landscape.  I especially enjoy painting landscapes now that so many are being lost to us through development and growth.  In my paintings, the trees, streams and hills are usually from a specific place but I hope that the viewers are able to feel that these are things from places that they have also visited.  I work from plein studies and reference photos, always rearranging compositions and exaggerating the colors if necessary.  I feel my painting is successful if the viewer can look through my eyes and respond to the beauty that I have seen."

See Virginia's beautiful works at www.virginiacarruth.com.

Meeting location:  Mission Library, 3134 Roosevelt Ave(old Mission Drive-In Theatre).  This is close to the San Jose Mission.

No meeting fee ( non-members-$3 suggested donation).   Invite all!

Prepare to be inspired!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Maggie Price- Sad News

Dear Presidents ….. I have the sad job of informing you that our dear Maggie Price passed away this morning. She had been hospitalized for the past week with pneumonia which was just too much for her to overcome having just finished chemo and radiation treatments.
Liz Haywood-Sullivan has today established a perpetual award in Maggie's name to be given at every IAPS exhibition, starting with the Convention.   Maggie was all about education and so we would like to designate this award to an emerging artist.  We know that people will be wanting to do something in her memory and so they could donate to help fund this perpetual award.     Details are now on the IAPS website at www.pastelinternational.com
This way Maggie Price will be remembered at every IAPS exhibition starting with the June convention.  Her family is very happy with this, and will advise friends and family of this way to honor her.
Liz and I are, understandably, overwhelmed at this point with convention planning, but we will do our best to make this a wonderful convention to honor Maggie.
Please share this sad news with your membership …. Thank you so much …. Susan
Susan Webster
Executive Director IAPS
International Association of Pastel Societies