Monday, June 18, 2012

Barque Drawing class with Irene Taylor

Here's an opportunity for artists to work using the sight size method and copying a Barque drawing.

I will hold a three hour drawing class at the Coppini Academy, 115 Melrose Place, on Saturday,  June 23rd,  from 1pm-4pm.  Cost $20.

We  will start with some hand eye drawing exercises, discuss construction drawing as an aid to simplying complex shapes , and how to use tools that help us see angles and curves.  The sight size method is a way for students to self correct their drawing and to develop better procedures in drawing from life which includes making finer marks.    We will not draw from life but use Barques studies which are the first steps in classical drawing training.  Students training at classical drawing ateliers often spend an entire year just doing Barques studies before they are allowed to work from a cast.  This is a slow process and students should not expect to complete a drawing.  Please contact Irena via e-mail  ( or by phone:  210 821-5244  or 210-316-8630 for information, and/or  to sign up (by Friday).

Here's what you'll need to bring:

drawing pencil  2B or 2H  or both
kneaded eraser
ruler( 18 inch is ideal, but bring what you have)
2 large bulldog clips to clip paper to drawing board (I will have tape)
Drawing board if you have one (some are available at the Coppini)
drawing pad  12x17 (Strathmore series 400=medium surface works very well with pencil or charcoal)
If you have newsprint you may use that for the exercises and to cushion the drawing paper.(optional)
weighted string to be used as a plumb line( yo yo is perfect and cheap as long as it doesn't automatically retract)  If you make your own plumb line make sure the string is not too thin(threadlike).

Expect to stand much of the time.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Mary Campos Lopez Solo Exhibition of Past and Present Works

My solo exhibition is up at the Great  Northwest Library, Wellwood at Grissom.  It will run through June with a "Meet the Artist" session on Saturday, June 16th, from 10:30a.m. - 12 noon in the meeting room.  I will be happy to answer questions on what inspired me to paint a certain painting, technique, or just simply watch me paint with pastels.  I have 20 paintings up, reflecting my progress through the years.  It's very interesting as I can see the change in my painting technique and you might find interesting, too.

Recently I overworked my right wrist with yardwork, garden projects, painting, and have to use a brace, which means I have to give it a rest.  What to do?  Paint with your left hand!  I will demonstrate both at the demo since I can't use my right hand too much.  When I started painting with my left, it's like there was another artist inside, well, you'll see my left-handed paintings at the library.  Look for Garden Tots, Steer Among Us, and Old Magnolia. The whole left-handed thing has really inspired me!