Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Art of Richard A. Kramer

Carver Cultural Center, 226 N. Hackberry, San Antonio, presents The Art of Richard A. Kramer, May 1 -30, 2012.

The reception held on Thursday, May 10, was attended by art lovers and supporters.  A great show, Richard!  The show will run through May 30th, open daily.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May meeting notes

What a meeting! What a demo! 

After a brief review of society business, Clive Tyler from Taos took over and wowed us with a fantastic landscape demo. 
Clive paints on Uart paper mounted on gatorboard
Attentive audience
Clive working on the underpainting using complementary colors
Painting with its small study
Small studies
Sennelier pastels in rice flour
Selected Sennelier pastels with the all important darks
Underpainting with black which is then covered with a color of a similar value
Clive shared  techniques, composition elements, ideas, and so much more that we all came away enriched, ready to try them out.  Thanks Clive! A special thanks to Mary McIntosh for introducing us to Clive.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

May General Meeting and Demo by Clive Tyler

Join us on Saturday, May 5th for our General meeting and a demo by Clive Tyler. No meeting fee for members, $5 for non-members. 

Meeting/demo to be held at the Thousand Oaks Branch Library, 4618 Thousand Oaks, in San Antonio.  Meeting will start at 10:30 a.m. ( library opens at 10 a.m.).  Go west about one mile on Thousand Oaks once you exit IH 35 and library will be on your left.

Clive R. Tyler Bio 2012

PO Box 3497, Taos NM 87571 970-217-0385
Clive Tyler on Facebook

Clive R. Tyler was raised in an encouraging artistic atmosphere. He studied Fine Art and Design at Kent State University (Ohio) with a double major and was awarded a Bachelors of Fine Art Degree. Twenty years later after a successful design career, he is now known as one of the best Pastelist on a national level.

Living in Taos, New Mexico, he is seriously painting with integrity and seeking the truth in his subject matter. His goals set, he has in just a few years moved quickly into the art scene, having received invitationals at national museums and acceptance with both galleries and collectors. His classical oil painting style is unique for pastel painting. With strong composition and attention to lighting, each painting has its own special emotional connection with the viewer.

As a Plein Air and Studio artist, I paint in natural surroundings and out in the open; define as the word Plein air. I have always been inspired by nature and the quiet in the wilderness. I have been painting in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado for 10 years now and love the Winter Park, Co area too. I travel to Montana and Oregon to paint as well. Rivers, snow scenes, tall aspens, moose and elk are all on the list of work that I enjoy painting. Live oaks from the Southeast are on my new list of great trees to paint.

I wish to share the outdoor experience that I have had with the artist or my interpretation of an impressionist point of view. As an artist, I am painting the experience, not a reproduction of the view. I want to have the viewer want to step into the painting, look around the corner, feel like they are looking up at the aspens, feel the temperature of the day, sense a feeling of the time, hear the sounds of leaves and thunder in the distant storm. Through color harmony, pastel pigment, texture, and a strong concept with good design and composition, I convey this to the viewer and evoke some memories or desires. When viewers say, "I know where that is" " I feel like I want to walk in there and take a hike in the aspens" or " I wish I was there” that is a successful painting.

I paint in Soft Pastel on a sanded paper from Germany. The pastels I use are a French brand called Sennelier. It's a dry form of pigment/paint. This brand was created for Degas and Monet. Some of the colors are the same. Pastel is made of pure pigment or ore and stone so the colors glow with a luminas feeling. I use to be an oil painter so I'm very loose in placing color, enjoy under painting, and using edges and emotional strokes in my painting. Up close the paintings take on an abstract feeling but from 10 feet away it looks like your looking through a window to the world outside. All my paintings are professionally framed with a type of museum glass that has minimum refection.

My work will be a collection of studio work taken from my experiences in nature of landscapes and wildlife in the four different seasons. I add wildlife to some of my paintings if I have had the experience or seen a similar view. Many times I'm painting outdoors and a hundred elk have surrounded me and walk around me grazing and not even noticing me. It's a great feeling to be accepted by nature and not to be an intruder. I have had a mother moose and calf walk by my easel, I have stood and watch a heard of bison run through tall grass with the Tetons in the background as if I was back in time or in a movie. When you are standing outside in one spot painting for hours, something will walk or fly by. I had an eagle sit and watch me paint once in Alaska and I have watched a hawk build a nest in the Colorado aspens. So I wish the viewer to understand that the paintings that I produce are an authentic experiences that they can take home and enjoy and cherish nature as if they where there too.

"Every place, every corner, every view -- It's all just inspiration, timing and light. On one day, in the evening or in the early morning, or looking from the top of a mountain something marvelous happens -- the conditions are ideal and the world is enhanced. This only happens once and it's never quite the same again. This is what I look for:
"I have to be there and then I paint."
Clive R. Tyler