Sunday, May 8, 2011

"Celebrate Texas" Regional Exhibition

"Autumn's Echo" Best of Show by Richard Banh from Austin
                                                                Landscape Category                                             
1st Place "Palo Duro Pleasure" Christine Armes
2nd Place "Kerrville Clouds" Regina Calton Burchett
Honorable Mention "Embracement" Richard Banh

Still Life/Floral Category
1st Place "Mission Door" Laura Tobin Cardenas

Honorable Mention "Girasol" Mary Campos Lopez

                                                                Animal/Wildlife Category
1st Place "Mockingbird" Susan Crawford Tracy

Honorable Mention "Leader of the Pack"Rita Kirkman
                                                                Portrait/Figure Category
1st Place "Little Miss Cryer" Rita Kirkman
Honorable Mention "Jose Asenscion de Gasca"Janis Langley
We had a wonderful reception!  Our judge, Timothy Jones was very impressed with the quality of the show.  In his own words, he had a  tough time deciding. He was present and handed out the awards, then spoke on what drew him to a particular painting.  It was a learning experience for all present.

Being juried is an award in itself.  Each artist will receive the Texas Pastel Society Award for Excellence at the end of the show. 

Let's continue to invite our contacts to see this great exhibition which will run through June 18th at the Central Library Gallery, 600 Soledad St.

The following  cash awards were given out:(in the smaller categories only a 1st place and an Honorable Mention were given out.)

Still Life/Floral
1st Place - Mission Door by Laura T. Cardenas-$100 cash award
Honorable Mention - Girasol by Mary Campos Lopez - ribbon

1st Place - Mockingbird by Susan Crawford Tracy - $100 cash award
Honorable Mention - Leader of the Pack - Rita Kirkman-ribbon

1st. Place - Little Miss Cryer - Rita Kirkman - $100 cash award
Honorable Mention - Jose Ascension de Gasca - Janis Langley-ribbon

1st Place - Palo Duro Pleasure -Christine Armes $100 cash award
2nd Place - Kerrville Clouds - Regina Calton Burchett $50 cash award
Honorable Mention - Embracement - Richard Bahn-ribbon

Best of Show- Autumn's Echo - Richard Bahn - $500 cash award

Congratulations to all the juried artists!

Special thanks to the volunteers that worked for over a year to put this show together.

We also want to thank The City of San Antonio and Mr. Andrew Gordon, Events Coordinator at the San Antonio Central Library who worked closely with us to make this event extra special.

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