Friday, March 25, 2011

Member News

 Rita Kirkman is offering a one day portrait workshop on April 23rd.  For details see Area Pastel Workshop section at the end of the blog.

Jeannette Cuevas
"I would like to invite our members and friends to come by Cappy's Restaurant at 5011 Broadway in San Antonio and see the new body of work I have just completed. This show will be going up tomorrow (Saturday, March 26) and will run until Friday, June 3. As you may know my work to this point has been primarily western in nature. However, for this show I have allowed myself to "explore", not only subject matter but also surfaces and some painting techniques. The one thing I felt these paintings did have in common was the light and it's influence on each image, hence the title of my exhibit,"Exploring the Light". I hope you will stop by to see these new pieces and also to enjoy the wonderful cuisine at Cappy's.

The restaurant has informed me that you are not required to eat there in order to view the exhibit. A good time to go is 15 minutes before they open either in the morning or afternoon. It is quieter and fewer people at that time.

Thank you, hope you will stop by." - Jeannette

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